When You’re Happy and You Know It, Just Smile

a beautiful girl smiling

By: Myron Edwards

This young lady has one of those personalities that just rock, even tho deep down no one really understands the human heart better than the person that is in front of you. Laughter can bring so much to the table that it makes other’s want to know what has you this happy.

Cora Reed

She is wearing the Allover Floral Print Cami Top From SheIN

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So Before we began shooting,’ Cora Expressed Her views on what she would like to do when she graduated. And thing’s leading up to that.

When I First Started With Cora’ Her Attitude On Life Was “Blah” Everything and “Eh” this and that. And Now She Just Glows with smile. I don’t know, but maybe it has something to do with her boyfriend.

So as we start our talking like we always do,’ Cora mentioned that she loves dancing and singing. And of course fabulous clothes.

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Cora Reed

I’m a studio in Texas with a True Country Feel, Were Dust and Country Folk Roam. We believe in sharing knowledge and promoting Hospitality to increase the creative potential of collaboration.

All Smiles
Cora Reed
Fading Into the Shadows

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A Natural Light and Pro Light Photographer who enjoys Photography and the world around it.

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