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Posica: Posing Playbook is an ad-free, award winning app full of inspirations for photographers. We help you evoke real feels and create a true connection with your clients.Download iPhoneDownload Android

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Posing Ideas

Our prompts will help you to evoke real emotions from your clients.


Learn from many photo stories and articles. We have also released some free guides for you!

Heartfelt moments

Not all poses are filled with laughter with joy. Some are more emotional and thought provoking.

Pure Water

Add your own images and create a mood board for your upcoming photoshoot.

Love & Care

Our users create a community through Instagram and Facebook groups where we share feedback and tips on photography.

Travel Activities
Story Behind

Discover the creative process behind the most unique photos from the best photographers

Latest articles

Learn from top photographers around the world

Clothing Guide
Clothing Guide
Our top 15 couples prompts
Our top 15 couples prompts
Tips from the best experts
Tips from the best experts

Your Reviews

Kind words keep us going!

Photographers- You need this! 😱 This is a game changer for photographers. The app has a lot of free content and a wide variety of poses for a fraction of the price. I am OBSESSED! Paying for a lifetime subscription is well worth it.

Sarah Anderson
Misty Kisses Photography

This app has been a wonderful addition to my bag of tricks. I can easily find new poses to show clients in real-time. No more trying to describe or demonstrate poses.

George Flavius
Andy Smith Photos

Great posing app. A lot of valuable tips and tricks even for pro photographers. And is cheap for what you get. I recommend it a lot.

Peter Oliver
Peter Oliver

Posing Ideas

Stories Behind


Inspired Photographers

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Have you always struggled to get those golden sunset vibes? Say no more.
We have a free Lightroom preset for you to download. All you need to do is sign up to our Newsletter and we’ll deliver this preset straight into your mailbox via email. We will also share some tips and news on our app.
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About The Posica App

Posica: Posing Playbook is an ad-free, award winning app full of inspirations for photographers or smartphone photo enthusiasts.
Our emotive and authentic poses are focused on making a true connection with your clients and evoke real feelings.

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