The Stunning Beauty of Jasmine Tookes

The former Maxim cover model struck an artfully naked pose on a pebble-covered beach in a gorgeous shot for photographer David Roemer.  

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jasmine Tookes

Lauren Williams+  5 Years Ago

2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Although she has been rocking the fashion industry for years now, Jasmine Tookes was not as popular before she featured among the ten new models set to join Victoria Secret’s list of Angels models as she is now. She has gained much publicity, and many in the fashion industry are keen to see what course her budding career in modelling will take. Nevertheless, many people are yet to have a clear understanding of who the girl bearing the popular name is. Here are ten interesting facts that you didn’t know about Jasmine Tookes.

Her first show was in 2012

Jasmine Tookes’ first ever show was booked in 2012. According to Tookes, that day was a very emotional day for her, but the story comes with a twist. She recounts of how nonchalant her agent was when breaking the news that she had been booked, yet she could not believe her luck. “I was like ‘what?!’ but he just said it so nonchalant.”

As you may Imagine, Tookes’ moment of her dreams coming true was accompanied with jumping, screaming, and yes, crying as she recounts it.

She is born into the fashion industry

You can say that Jasmine Tookes was born into the fashion industry as her mother’s job provided her with the exposure that she needed. Her mother worked as a celebrity stylist, so Tookes lived life surrounded by aspiring models and showrooms. Considering her keen taste in fashion and style, you may also say that she inherited her mother’s taste in fashion. In fact, she was discovered during one of her showroom appointments at just the age of 15. Her talent was so impressive that she was immediately signed with a large modelling agency based in Los Angeles.

Her boyfriend is a model too

If you are an aspiring suitor, then you are out of luck as Jasmine Tookes is already taken. And you have a lot of competition to stand up to as her boyfriend is the popular model Tobias Sorensen. Tobias Sorensen is the face behind the popular fragrance ad for Calvin Klein’s Calvin Klein Eternity Now. The two are described as a lovely couple, and their relationship seems strong and stable as it has been running for several years now.

Fitness is in her blood

Jasmine Tookes is known to be ardent in her bid to stay fit. In fact, reports that the model often hits the bitch with her model boyfriend, Tobias Sorensen. And it is not just working out: they often use each other for weight lifting, which is impressive in many levels. Well, it turns out that Jasmine Tookes has always been physically fit since her young days. She recounts how she was the first ranking pitcher in California County when growing up. However, despite her promising future in the sport, she had to quit and pursue modeling, which she had always wanted to do. Well, no matter how keen she is on staying fit, it seems that modelling has always been her priority.

Her inspiration is Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has inspired many girls to become models, and it turns out she is the inspiration behind Jasmine Tookes’ rise to fame as well. Tookes narrates how she would pretend to be a model while watching Tyra Banks’ show, and how much each episode fueled her dream to one day actually walk on the runway. Interestingly though, it turns out that the one person she had always wanted to meet in person is not Tyra Banks, but rather Michael Jackson.

She is a conscious eater

As you may expect, Jasmine Tookes is very picky about what she eats not only for how it tastes but also for health reasons. Speaking to, Tookes says that she mostly focuses her diet on proteins and vitamins. To this end, her diet consists of dishes such as fruits, vegetables, and chicken. It is, however, not clear whether she cooks her own meals.

She has a diverse ethnicity

Jasmine Tookes’ lovely personality seems to stem from her beautiful blend of diverse ethnicities. Most people have been speculating about her ancestral background, and no one could have guessed how rich it was. However, Tookes revealed that her ethnicity was a mixture of African, European, West Indian and Brazilian. That is quite a long list for one person, but maybe it can explain the mystique behind her glamorous looks.

She has a secret trick for her good looks

If you are wondering how to have a complexion as beautiful as Jasmine Tookes’, then you are in luck as she has let the cat out of the bag. In an interview with In to the Gloss, Tookes said that the secret behind her perfect complexion was icing her face before going to bed. She says that it helps to shut the pores and keep the moisture in. however, all it takes is one ice cube, and all you have to do is rub it on your face.

She is open to acquaintances

You are out of luck if you are looking to be Jasmine Tookes’ better half, but if all you want is friendship with the model then you can always find her online. Jasmine Tookes has millions of followers on social media and she does not mind engaging with her fans. She is very active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, so you can always get an insight into her sizzling life.

Jasmine Tookes’ most embarrassing moment

Many people do not like revealing their most embarrassing moments, but Jasmine Tookes has no reservations about it; and her moment is pretty awkward. It turns out that during a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, Tookes’ grandfather thought that she was posing for Playboy Magazine and actually asked when the issue would be released. Well, you can imagine the look on her face.

Jasmine Tookes may soon become a household name considering how fast she has been drawing people’s attention in the modelling industry. In the meantime though, these ten interesting facts about her can help you get a better understanding of who Jasmine Tookes really is.

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