Fashion Photography Technique Tips For Beginners

Fashion Photography Technique Tips For Beginners

If you want to have a play around with fashion themed photography but don’t really know where to start, these tips could point you in the right direction. 

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A woman holding a clear glass candle holder and a grayscale portrait of a woman photo
Fashion Model

Even though there are common rules for creating the perfect composition (find out what they are here: 9 top photo composition rules) fashion photography is a bit different to shooting landscapes and street photography, for example, and moving from one genre to another you’ll need to learn some new skills to succeed. So, to help budding fashion photographers, here are some top tips to help you enhance your technique. 


How To Make a Fashion Photo Magazine Cover Worthy

Remember The Rule Of Thirds

For this ‘rule’ you have to split the composition into 9 equal parts by drawing two vertical and two horizontal lines, thus creating an imaginary frame. Most cameras, even if you use a smartphone (check out the 18 best smartphones for photographers here), feature a grid-line function that will help you to visualise this division. You should place your subject in one of the points where the lines cross. This way, your composition will look balanced.

 Photo Studio With White Wooden Framed Wall Mirror
Photo studio

Don’t Overdo With The Lights

A mistake some new photographers will make is creating a lighting set-up that’s just too complicated. By arranging a huge array of lights, you limit the number of poses a model can provide you with. The simpler and more flexible your lighting set-up is, the more scenarios you’ll be able to accomplish within a single session. You probably won’t find every photo to be lit perfectly but that’s not a problem as you can lighten the photo using Movavi photo editing software.

There Should Be A Story

Fashion photography is not only about clothes or accessories; it’s also about creating a story. Take an appealing photo that would grab the attention of the viewers and make them think about the story told without words. Make the surrounding scene a part of the story you are trying to tell. 

Woman in Red Coat and Black Skirt Walking on Sidewalk
Fashion Model

Don’t Mix Up Fashion Photography With Portrait Photography

When you photograph a landscape, it’s pretty obvious it’s a landscape but it’s not always as easy to distinguish between a fashion photo and a portrait. For fashion, you need to make the clothing the star of the shoot (not the person as such). You need to show an outfit off, focusing on the fabric, the beauty of the details, and the patterns in the garments. Basically, your job is to make those viewing the image want to buy the clothes. 

 Person in Gray Pants and Black Leather Belt
A young woman posing in a flannel shirt


Summing Up

Remember that any genre of photography requires patience, specific approaches, and good technique. Practice will also yield results so what are you waiting for?

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