Gigi Hadid Owned The Paris Fashion Week Runway With Her Toned Abs

Gigi Hadid

  • Gigi Hadid, 26, just flashed her super sculpted abs on the runway at Paris Fashion Week one year after the birth of her daughter, Khai.
  • The supermodel made waves in a bright orange crop top and a glittery, silver skirt.
  • Gigi says boxing and cardio sessions at the gym help her stay fit.

Gigi Hadid, 26, is known everywhere for her supermodel status and killer runway walk. But after Paris Fashion Week, her washboard abs might also become a part of her signature look.

In the Coperni Womenswear show, Gigi stunned in a bright orange crop top and a sparkly, silver skirt. She also showed off her dark red ‘do—and, of course, her toned core. One year after the birth of her daughter, Khai, Gigi is looking more sculpted than ever.

First of all, the outfit is major:

Photo credit: Thierry Chesnot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Thierry Chesnot – Getty Images

And Gigi’s abs are on full display (wow).

Photo credit: Thierry Chesnot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Thierry Chesnot – Getty Images

Luckily, Gigi is pretty open when it comes to sharing her best fitness secrets. Her trainer, Rob Piela (who also works with her sister, Bella), told Women’s Health that Gigi’s workouts can get pretty intense.

“When Gigi is in New York, we’ll work out every day for an hour, combining high-cardio boxing sequences of jabs, elbows and uppercuts plus knees and kicks with strength-training exercises on the mat,” he said. “We shake things up depending on how they’re feeling.”

But for Gigi, boxing is more than just throwing punches. She told Harper’s Bazaar that the sport gives her something to focus on in the gym.

“I rode horses and played volleyball back home, so when I came to New York it was hard for me to just go to the gym. I need to have a sport that wakes me up and that I can get better at, and boxing does that for me,” she said.

However, when she’s on the road, Gigi takes her workouts outdoors, per Condé Nast Traveller. “I just can’t go to the gym and run…my favorite thing to do is to make the most of the scenery. I cycle everywhere and swim in the sea at any spare moment,” she explained.

Post-baby, Gigi jumped back into modeling almost right away, shooting a Vogue cover just two and a half months after giving birth.

“I know that I’m not as small as I was before, but I also am a very realistic thinker. I straight up was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll shoot a Vogue cover, but I’m obviously not going to be a size 0,’ nor do I, at this point, feel like I need to be back to that,” she told Vogue. “I also think it’s a blessing of this time in fashion that anyone who says that I have to be that can suck it.”

As far as her diet goes, Gigi starts every morning with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, coffee, and orange juice, according to Harper’s Bazaar. “My boyfriend [Zayn Malik], being British, got me into breakfast beans, so that’s what I’ve been eating lately,” she added.

Lunch might be a hamburger or an arugula salad at Gigi’s favorite NYC restaurants, JG Melon or The Smile. Then, dinner depends on whether she feels like having a night out on the town. “I love Bond Street for sushi. For a night in, I love to cook and watch a movie,” she said.

Totally here for it. Does she get fries with that?

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