The evolution of the mini skirt

Have you ever wondered why women love to wear miniskirts? Most people, especially men, think that women wear miniskirts to attract the opposite sex, which to some extent is very true. It is next to im



The 15 Hottest Celebs Who Can Rock A Miniskirt

Have you ever wondered why women love to wear miniskirts? Most people, especially men, think that women wear miniskirts to attract the opposite sex, which to some extent is very true. It is next to imBY SIMON BOOKSPUBLISHED SEP 16, 2016

Have you ever wondered why women love to wear miniskirts? Most people, especially men, think that women wear miniskirts to attract the opposite sex, which to some extent is very true. It is next to impossible for a woman dressed in a miniskirt not to attract the attention of every man she comes across, simply because men are visual beings when it comes to attraction, and all women know this.

So what do we come to conclude is the reason behind women wearing such short and provocative skirts, if it is not to please men? It is possible that women love miniskirts because they want to show off their beautiful legs, a reason that no one has a quarrel with. The above means that some women just wear these small items of clothing to feel good about themselves and face the world with confidence.

Other women can claim to love wearing miniskirts because they are very easy to wear and more comfortable to walk in when you compare them to long skirts. Comfort and ease of mobility are some of the most important aspects of any clothing, since the wearer has to stay with the clothing until he or she gets back home to change. Regardless of the reasons a woman has for wearing a miniskirt, the truth is that most of them look great in them, and everyone appreciates that.

Celebrities usually set the trend with regards to fashion, and their wearing of these short skirts gives all other women a license to wear them as well. Some celebrities wear miniskirts more than others, other celebrities wear them shorter than others, but this list is for those in a league of their own. Who else do you think deserves to be on this list?ADVERTISINGnull

15Britney Spears

Singer-songwriter and actress Britney Spears is an accomplished pop icon with a lot of influence on the younger generations. Britney was the best teenage selling artiste in the nineties before her personal life came spiralling down to a public meltdown in 2007, from which she soon recovered. Britney Spears may be the queen of scandals, but she sure can rock a miniskirt, thanks to her amazing legs. In fact, Britney is the one who made the schoolgirl tied up shirt and pleated miniskirt combo an SI unit for hot girls. She has shown up in countless award ceremonies looking great while wearing trendy miniskirts.ADVERTISINGnullnull

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14Carrie Underwood

Country singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood is one of the most successful artists of all time and is without a doubt America’s sweetheart. Carrie Underwood has a huge following and is arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Born and raised in Oklahoma, you can be sure that Carrie can rock a miniskirt and a pair of cowboy boots like a boss. Carrie Underwood’s long legs and tan country body look smashing in a miniskirt. We have seen Carrie spotting the miniskirt/loose blouse combo, accessorized with unique designer shoes many times, to confirm that she is both business and fun.ADVERTISINGnull

13Reese Witherspoon


12Hailey Baldwin

It is highly probable that American model Hailey Baldwin’s closet has more miniskirts than any other clothing item. When you grow up to have long flawless legs such as Hailey Baldwin’s, you would not be doing the world any favors by hiding them behind some long dresses or trousers. Hailey definitely knows how to rock a miniskirt. Whether Hailey is wearing a mini with a gypsy top for an afternoon stroll at the mall, with a fancy jacket for an evening out, or with a crop top for a high fashion event, she definitely looks smoking hot in a miniskirt.



10Jennifer Hudson

Judging from her dressing, it is evident that American actress, singer-songwriter, and spokesperson Jennifer Hudson loves her miniskirts. One of her most iconic miniskirts is from when she appeared on The Today Show in New York back in 2012 in a sleek green mini and explained to the world how she lost 80 pounds. Since then, Jennifer Hudson has gained a lot of confidence in her body and she proves it by wearing more body-hugging miniskirts than anyone else. Jennifer’s fashion sense and transformation is an inspiration to many people across the globe and people from all over the world love her.ADVERTISING

9Jessica Simpson

American singer, actress and reality TV sensation Jessica Simpson is always breaking the Internet with her ever-changing dramatic lifestyle. Jessica Simpson surprised the world when she chose to quit watching her weight when she got pregnant and gained over 70 pounds. Many people bashed her for gaining so much weight when her pictures made rounds all over the Internet. However, Jessica surprised the world by losing the weight and bouncing back to her micro-miniskirts in little time. Jessica Simpson is back with confidence showing off her toned abs and long and beautiful legs in her extensive collection of miniskirts.ADVERTISING

8Hilary Duff

Singer and actress Hilary Duff is one of the celebrities who keeps a low profile but has an incredible body and beautiful legs. Hilary began acting when she was very young and quickly rose to fame thanks to her talent. Being a mother and an actress, she has a big following across the world. She takes pride in her post-baby body, which she is not afraid to flaunt whenever she gets a chance. You can spot Hilary regularly wearing fabulous miniskirts as she indulges in shopping sprees, or when taking a stroll on the street with her son Luca.

7Kim Kardashian

Whether the allegations that Kim Kardashian got her fame by leaking her own sex tape are true or not, the fact remains that the Kardashian family enjoy being in the spotlight and they have won tens of millions of fans the world over. Kim Kardashian has carried out her fair share of shenanigans trying to break the Internet, including posing in the buff for the whole world to see. She has become a famous fashion icon and a trendsetter. She recently put her post-baby body on display in a miniskirt and a revealing black corset in the newly released photos of her vacation in Cuba, proving that she can rock a miniskirt even after two babies.ADVERTISING

6Claudia Romani

Italian model Claudia Romani is undoubtedly one of the hottest women on the planet. Claudia has built up quite the reputation for wearing miniskirts, since her body makes them look outstanding. Claudia is well known for flaunting what her mama gave her by going minimalist with clothes, since most of her photos focus on her behind more than on her face. Recently, she was photographed on the beach in a micro-mini so short that it covered only half her butt. Claudia is not one to be shy with what she wears, since she has been spotted walking down the streets of Miami in a bikini top and miniskirt countless times.ADVERTISING

5Adriana Lima

Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima is best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The 35-year-old has been modelling for Victoria’s Secret since 2000, making her one of their longest running models. When you have a body like Lima’s, there is no way you keep it hidden away from the world. She makes sure that she flaunts her best parts by putting her foot forward on the runway, as well as rocking an array of miniskirts. Countless photographs of Adriana Lima in provocative micro-miniskirts that highlight her long toned legs and amazing body exist online and in different fashion magazines.ADVERTISING

4Beyoncé Knowles

3Jessica Alba

American actress and model Jessica Alba keeps a very low profile, but her beauty will always make her stand out in any crowd. One of the most interesting things about Jessica Alba is that her race is quite complicated. Jessica’s parents have Danish, German, English, French, and Welsh ancestry, and her grandparents were of Mexican descent. The stunning Jessica sure can rock a miniskirt in her perfectly toned body, though. On the other hand, she can wear anything and still look amazing. Jessica loves her miniskirts, since they give her a chance to display her perfect legs and exceptional body.ADVERTISING

2Gisele Bundchen

Brazilian Supermodel and actress Gisele Bundchen is one of the most phenomenal supermodels we have today. Gisele is so beautiful that she could even look chic when wearing sackcloth – a stunt we would advise you never to try. Gisele is still one of the highest-paid models in the world, having contributed so much to the fashion industry. Rumor has it that Gisele was one of the people who put an end to the ghastly heroin chic modelling trends of the nineties, a trend in the modelling circles that was quite disturbing. Gisele has a perfect body for miniskirts and she makes sure that she puts it to good use.ADVERTISING

1Jennifer Lopez

Despite being 47 years old, actress and musician Jennifer Lopez can sure rock a miniskirt. Her perfect behind, tiny waist and long legs give her the perfect body for a miniskirt. Although J-Lo denies it, rumor has it that she had her behind insured, in the event that something tragic should happen to it. One of the best of J-Lo’s miniskirts is the multicolored bejewelled mini that she wore to 106 & Park in 2014. J-Lo also showed up in a head-turning Versace blazer paired with a miniskirt during the MTV Movie Awards in 2014 and has been spotted countless times strolling on the streets, going about her business in figure-hugging micro-miniskirts.NEXT A PALACE OF DREAMS: 10 JAW-DROPPING FEATURES OF DRAKE’S $20 MILLION YOLO ESTATERelated Topics

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