Are You a Struggling Photographer? Or an Empowered One

By: Myron Edwards (Model- Sara) Espinoza

I decided to stop playing the part of The Struggling Photographer and step into the role of The Empowered Photographer instead.

Let me explain.

The Struggling Photographer Mindset

The Struggling Photographer is someone who reacts instead of creates.

They feel scared and stressed most of the time. They see the industry as oversaturated and filled with underpriced competition. And they use that belief as an excuse to stay stuck instead of looking for solutions.

For me, this Struggling Photographer mindset manifested in chasing trends and trying to do what I thought I “should” do instead of doing what I was called to do. And that resulted in inauthentic work and burn out.

As The Struggling Photographer, I was DIYing all things. I didn’t want to invest in my business because I believed I couldn’t afford to when, in fact, making wise investments was the exact thing I needed to be doing.

As a Struggling Photographer, I told myself a lot of stories about why my business wasn’t working the way I wanted it to. And I based those stories in emotion and drama instead of data and facts.

When I finally decided to stop making excuses and start looking for solutions in my business was when everything turned around.

The Empowered Photographer Mindset

Instead of chasing trends, I got clear on my vision and who I serve.

Instead of blaming underpriced competition for why I wasn’t making money, I did the math and figured out what I needed to change to be profitable.

Instead of stressing out about the “saturated market”, I identified the problems in my work and took the steps I needed (and got the help I needed) to make improvements.

I started focusing on consistency instead of scarcity which meant that I stopped reacting and started creating.

I changed my mindset from one of a Struggling Photographer into an Empowered Photographer in the process. And it made all the difference.

Are you playing the role of The Struggling Photographer? Or are you ready to be Empowered?


Creativity Lives Within You!!! Step out of your comfort zone…

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A Natural Light and Pro Light Photographer who enjoys Photography and the world around it.

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