LensLab Retouching Actions

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LenLab Retouching Actions™ for Photoshop

LensLab Retouching Actions

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This is the very best portrait retouching action set! LensLab™ easily takes you though the highest quality professional techniques to portrait retouching. These actions include:

  1. Fool-Proof Frequency Separation
  2. Balance Light & Color
  3. Red Skin Reducer
  4. Face Glow
  5. Perfect Lips
  6. Perfect Cheeks
  7. Perfect Eyes
  8. Finishing Filters
  9. Rembrandt Color Tones
  10. Video Tutorial

Requirements: LensLab™ works on both Mac and Windows and requires the current version of Adobe Photoshop v19-21.

Perfect Portraits

(Without the guesswork)

With easy-to-use actions, LENSLAB Retouching Actions eliminate the guesswork when retouching your portraits. Simply click each action and see your portrait come to life!https://widgetic.com/api/v2/compositions/5e98c37decb2a15c688b4567/embed.html?autoscale=on&adaptive=414&lo=https%3A%2F%2Flenslab.com&demo=undefinedhttps://widgetic.com/api/v2/compositions/5eac97a5ecb2a17b558b4567/embed.html?autoscale=on&adaptive=414&lo=https%3A%2F%2Flenslab.com&demo=undefined

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If Your a Portrait Photographer Who Admires Great Quality Retouched Work, Then At LensLab Is Definitely for you.

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