Best Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding season is soon upon! Are you keeping current on wedding photography trends? If you are not, you risk becoming staid as a photographer – a sure step toward losing clientele. We are confident these are a drop in the bucket and more will arise throughout the year. We also believe in setting our trends when it comes to our photography. It’s how to stay competitive in the world of fine art wedding photography!

Here are a few things we see trending in wedding photography – including the return of a few old favorites!

Group Styling:

Wedding group pictures are getting more attention than ever, and gone are the days of just lining up the wedding party and snapping your pictures. Artistic wedding party portraits are critical to any modern wedding photography today. It is important as a professional photographer to spend some time planning these important group shots before you get in there. Group wedding pictures today look more like a professional modeling shoot, with its high-fashion styles and well-choreographed poses. Gone are the dull lined up at the altar photos of three decades ago. These pictures aren’t as formal and stiff as they used to be when it comes to posing. The rising trend in outdoor weddings has given way to a rise in more free-flowing look to group wedding pictures. 

Though couples had to push pause on their wedding plans, creating havoc for wedding photographers, weddings and wedding photographers bounced back as soon as restrictions were eased, albeit with some changes. Weddings became more intimate with limited guest lists, masks became the new must-have accessories and Zoom weddings became more common. Wedding photographers also had to navigate through unchartered territory. You couldn’t get too close to people, you had to prioritize your safety, destination and local weddings were getting canceled or postponed, you get the point. It wasn’t easy.

Even though wedding photographers had to deal with the pandemic personally, and bear the brunt of COVID economically, they made it happen. They survived canceled weddings, navigated refund requests from couples, changed the way they worked while shooting weddings during the pandemic, which included following social distancing at all times, only using verbal cues to help their couples pose, and sanitized their equipment. The otherwise always booming wedding industry also underwent a makeover during the pandemic (with these wedding photography trends for 2021). We saw wedding venues posting social distancing signs, sanitization of venues became a must, vendors had to assure couples about hygiene and safety standards, and destination weddings came to a standstill due to the restricted air travel. Big fat weddings took a back seat during 2020, but they might just make a comeback in the new year.

To be continued…. Stay Tuned!

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