What to wear for your engagement photos What to wear for your engagement photos

what to wear for your engagement photos

FEBRUARY 18, 2022

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Let me just start out by saying I am so excited you’re here! This must mean you just got engaged and are planning your engagement photos! Congratulations! Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and get comfy in front of their camera before your big day! Plus, it’s a really good excuse to buy a new outfit or two right?! The number one question I receive after I book an engagement session with a couple is “WHAT DO WE WEAR?!” So here are my all time favorite tips on what to wear for your engagement photos:

Confidence is key.

During your session, first and foremost you want to feel comfortable AND confident. It’s so important to pick the outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. You’d hate to choose the dress that clings in all the wrong places, or the jeans that loosen up after you wear them for 10 minutes. Choose the outfit that you feel best in, on YOUR body!

As much as you need to consider how your outfits make you feel, also consider how your outfits may appear on camera too.

Be yourself.

It is so important that not only do you feel confident at your engagement session, but that you also stay true to yourself. This is your engagement session and your photos should represent you. Don’t feel pressure to go over the top if that isn’t who you are. If you are the type who wants fake eyelashes and a blowout, by all means, GET THE BLOWOUT! Or if you’re somebody that rarely ever leaves the house with makeup on, I suggest you go the more natural route then!

Either way, I always suggest to consider investing in professional hair and makeup, natural look or not. Unless you feel confident in your own hair and makeup skills (Not I!) Plus, it’s an awesome way to get your consultation/trial done with your wedding day stylist!

If you’re local to Texas, check out my favorites for hair and makeup 

Consider the location.

This one is super important and often forgotten. Think about the colors and overall vibe of the location for your engagement session. This is also when you can decide if you should dress more formal or casual!

It’s crucial to consider your engagement session location when choosing what to wear, to make sure you don’t clash with your environment! For example, if you are heading to the graffiti murals , maybe you should reconsider that patterned floral dress.

Don’t be too matchy-matchy.

I always suggest color coordination, however stay away from the matchy-matchy. We don’t need a throwback to our 90’s family photoshoot with jeans and white t-shirts that we were forced to be a part of. (Sorry mom.)

I always suggest wearing neutral + earthy tones, and warm hues. It’s also super fun to add in a bright accent color! Some of my favorite colors to photograph are deep oranges, greens, and yellows. Head to my Instagram to grab some inspo on color schemes from other couples sessions!

Be cautious when choosing patterns. Some patterns often are too distracting and can be an unnecessary distraction in photos. Try to stray away from anything too busy that might take away from you!

Bring options!

I highly recommend bringing 2-3 outfits for each of you! This is a fun way to give your engagement session more variety and options! This also is a great way to get two different styles involved if you want–one being casual and the other being formal.

sedona arizona wedding photographer engagement photos

Texture + accessories

I always always always suggest some texture! Incorporating attention-grabbing fabrics is such a fun element to bring to your engagement session. Examples being velvet, fur, lace, leather, etc. Texture always adds that extra oomph! to photos.

Accessorizing is my absolute favorite thing. It really adds character to a photoshoot when you have interesting accessories. (Some examples: glasses, jackets, unique shoes, fun earrings etc.) Things you can take on and off to add variety! Whether you’re wearing a flowy dress or a chunky statement necklace, this will add so much visual interest to your looks and the final photos.

Another fun thing with accessorizing is a POP OF COLOR. Hallelujah! All neutral, earthy tones with a pop of ORANGE. You speakin my love language there honey!

CJ barrymore's engagement photos carnival photoshoot michigan wedding photographer

Don’t overthink it!

Lastly, this is YOUR engagement session and not anybody else’s. Don’t feel pressure to spend a lot of money on a brand new dress you’re never going to wear again. Especially if it’s not in the budget! For all I know, you vision your engagement session in the comfort of your own home wearing your comfiest sweatpants. YOU DO YOU, BOO!

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