It’s Official: 2022 Is the Year of the Micro Miniskirt

It’s Official: 2022 Is the Year of the Micro Miniskirt

Maggie Griswold

February 22, 2022, 12:53 pm

Photo credit: Getty Images/Christian Vierig
Photo credit: Getty Images/Christian Vierig

As temperatures rise each year, we shed our layers and start showing! Some! Skin! This means ditching turtlenecks for crop tops, chunky knits for chic bralettes, and putting most of our long pants in the back of the closet till the weather changes once again. Along with all the usual spring and summer players though, there’s a new kid on the block—and one who likely looks v familiar for those of us who lived through Y2K. (Dating myself here, but whatevs.) Everyone, say hello to the micro miniskirt. 👋

It’s legs out or bust this season, folks. As seen all over the Spring/Summer 2022 runways, itty-bitty skirts are slated to take over everywhere from your TikTok FYP to all your fave celebs’ Instagram feeds. Some are minimalist, some are colorful, and some are totally over-the-top—but they’re all incredibly tiny (and cute!).

Since the micro miniskirt trend is inspired by Y2K fashion, it’s only right that we complete the look with other trends from the era (or, at the very least, the early aughts). Try wearing one with an equally tiny blouse for a skin-baring summer ensemble. Or add a structured blazer as a major power move. (It may not be office-appropriate, but it’s hella chic!) You can even opt for a trendy corset top and go full baddie if you’re so inclined.

The possibilities for wearing these beauts are seriously endless! Now, all you really need to do is snag a few micro skirts for the season and get to styling. Y2K vibes wait for no one. (That’s an “end of the world joke,” ICYMI.)

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