Tips for Ensuring Your Photography Is Improving

Tips for Ensuring Your Photography Is Improving

Being self-critical is too easy or too hard, but in both cases, it can be difficult to be effective with it. In this video, Nigel Danson takes you on a shoot and discusses some of the ways he ensures his photography is improving.Nigel Danson is a fantastic photographer and educator who we share a lot of on Fstoppers. In this video, he offers numerous tips and tricks that help push your work in the right direction, some of which I may employ myself. But, rather than regurgitating the tips he lays out in this video, I believe one of the reasons he is as good as he is, is staring everyone right in the face: consistency.It doesn’t matter what I want to improve at or what goal I want to achieve, I have never found anything as powerful as consistency. In fact, I’m writing an article on that topic as we speak, perhaps that’s why I spotted it with Danson. Consistency is something few people consider or take seriously in anything they want to improve at, because when you least want to be consistent is the only time it matters. That relentless grind to keep moving forward, no matter how small the steps.If you look at Danson’s YouTube channel alone, you can see he must work relentlessly and consistently, even if only on his videos, which I don’t believe to be the case. So, enjoy this video, take some tips, and perhaps mimic his consistency too

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