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Power your creativity.

Power your creativity.

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Productivity tools

Collaborate on digital documents with the power of Adobe Acrobat Pro and PDF.

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Get free Adobe Fonts and Adobe Stock assets and access Adobe Talent, Behance, and more.

Work better as a team.

Work better as a team.

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Organize and share creative elements to keep branding consistent across designs, web pages, brochures, and beyond.

Easy collaboration

Share previews for comments, restore past versions for 180 days, and get real-time video feedback with

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Streamline workflows with apps from Microsoft, Atlassian, Slack, and more.

Ensure company control.

Ensure company control.

Manage your plan, apps, and assets with easy admin features.

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Manage licenses from a web-based Admin Console and consolidate plans under one contract for predictable budgeting.

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Picture the future

If you could create your own photo editing software, it would work like this. Whether it’s quick corrections, delicate retouching, or immersing yourself in complex fine art with hundreds of layers, Affinity Photo has you covered.

Winners of: Apple’s App of the Year award, Apple Editors’ Choice award, Photography news’ Best Software award, TIPA’s Best Imaging Software award, Stuff’s App of the Year award
Desktop computer with Affinity Photo open, featuring surreal composition of toucan and other animals travelling across desert

Trusted by professionals

Affinity Photo has become the first choice for photography and creative professionals around the world, who love its speed, power and precision. Born to work hand-in-hand with the latest powerful computer technology, it’s the only fully-loaded photo editor integrated across macOS, Windows and iOS.

Raw Editing

HDR Merge

Panorama Stitching

Focus Stacking

Batch Processing

PSD Editing

360 Image Editing

Unlimited Layers

Smart Object Support

Digital Painting

Performance and power

The raw power under the hood of Affinity Photo will leave you amazed at how quickly you can work. Watch your edits render in real time and dive into the huge toolset, tailored to the demands of a professional workflow.

  • +Live, real time editing
  • +Massive image support (100+ Megapixels)
  • +Super smooth pan and zoom at 60fps
  • +Open and edit PSD and PSB files
  • +PSD smart object import
  • +Support for the most complex vector docs
  • +Studio presets for the UI layout and other timesaving tools

Flawless retouching

Whether you want to make quick corrections, or spend time on a detailed retouch, Affinity Photo has a complete set of retouching tools and dedicated features to help.

  • +Smooth and retouch skin with frequency separation
  • +Dodge, burn, clone, patch and blemish removal tools
  • +Dedicated liquify workspace for sculpting features
  • +Remove unwanted objects with the magical inpainting brush
  • +Correct color casts, enhance infrared imagery and augment live filters with new divide blend mode
Close of image of various cogs and gears

Incredible live filter layers

Effects like blurs, lighting, distortions and perspective corrections can all be applied as non-destructive live filter layers. This means you can erase away from them, mask them, reorder them and adjust parameters at any time. It’s a completely new way to work.

  • +Add filter effects non-destructively
  • +Apply to single layers or over a whole layer stack
  • +Mask and erase areas after they have been applied
  • +Add live liquify layer
  • +Live full resolution preview at all times
Giant pretzel twisted into an ampersand sign, top half covered in melted yellow cheese, with tool panels open on either side

Full RAW Development

Shoot in RAW and enjoy an end-to-end 16-bit, super smooth experience in Affinity Photo. Bring out all the details, and control those finer corrections to take that perfect shot to another level.

  • +Professional lens corrections
  • +Adjust exposure, blackpoint, white balance and much more
  • +View histograms, blown highlights, shadows and tones
  • +View and edit EXIF information
  • +Best in class noise reduction and hot pixel removal
  • +Import XMP files (metadata only)
  • +Edit metadata
  • +Batch copyright and rights information

Breathtaking compositions

With support for limitless layers, Affinity Photo provides a full library of adjustments, effects and live filters, all of which can be grouped, clipped, masked or blended together to create incredibly complex image compositions.

  • +Unlimited layers
  • +Layer effects
  • +Live blend modes
  • +Mask & clipping layers
  • +Vector and text tools
Photo of woman looking over her shoulder, covered in layers and masks of bright colors, shapes and patterns

Beautiful brushwork

Affinity Photo’s super smooth brush engine and advanced dynamics offers the most fluid and natural painting experience available.

  • +Huge library of brushes included
  • +Create custom brushes with advanced dynamics
  • +Combine multiple brushes together in a single stroke
  • +Full support for Wacom and other graphics tablets
  • +Full support for Apple Pencil (iPad version)
  • +Import .abr brush files
  • +Create brushes from current pixel selection
Digital painting of Victorian-style scuba divers underwater, surrounded by pink fish and kelp, created in Affinity Photo

Faultless photo stitching

Get perfect panoramas every time with Affinity Photo’s advanced stitching algorithm, including automatic image alignment and full perspective corrections.

Refined selections

Achieve a level of accuracy you never thought possible with Affinity Photo’s advanced selection refinement algorithms. Whether cutting out objects, creating masks or selectively applying adjustments, you can make extremely precise selections – even down to individual strands of hair – with ease.

  • +Selection brush & magic wand
  • +Marquee and lasso tools
  • +Advance selection refinement
  • +Paint to select
  • +Pen tool

Stunning HDR

Affinity Photo’s HDR algorithm creates incredibly natural-looking images enabling you to unlock the full dynamic range of the scene. You can work natively with the full 32-bit image, or use extensive tone mapping facilities for beautiful results.

  • +Unlimited source images
  • +Full tone mapping controls
  • +Merge directly from RAW
  • +Alignment and perspective correction

Focus merge

Expertly merge multiple images taken at different focal distances for detailed macro photography results. Affinity Photo takes care of the alignment and completes a deep analysis to determine the best areas of each image to use.

Path text

Explore a range of diverse typographical designs by adding text along a path. Create a path from any line, curve or shape drawn with any of the line or shape tools.

Pattern layers

Add a fixed size bitmap layer that repeats across your entire document. These pattern layers can be painted on, masked, manipulated with filters and transformed non-destructively – all while you watch the resulting pattern come to life in real-time.

32-bit workflow

The only photo editing tool to offer full end-to-end 32-bit workflow for working on HDR images, renders, textures or exports from 3D software.

  • +OpenEXR and Radiance HDR support
  • +Import OpenColorIO configurations
  • +HDR / EDR monitor support

Any device, anywhere

The first professional photo editing application with full editing power and 100% file format compatibility across Windows, Mac and iPad allowing you to work with the same file across any device.

Windows PC, iMac and iPad with the Affinity Photo UI on each screen

Best-in-class PSD Import/Export

PSD Import/Export

PSB Import

Layer Integrity

Plugins Supported

Brush Support

PSD Smart Object import

No subscription and 50% OFF

And the best part? You can own Affinity Photo for just $26.99 on Windows or Mac or $9.99 on iPad — subscription free. Right now available with 50% off.


Affinity Photo brand logo

Own the award-winning photo editing software today.


Was $54.99Free trialAffinity Photo (macOS)


Was $54.99Free trialAffinity Photo (Windows)



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