Hey there, I’m Myron Edwards I’m an Photograher working and living in C Texas.


Before I began this journey I had no idea’ that I wanted to pursue this path’ but I knew that I loved art’ and when your mind is as creative as mine is. You want to explore and broaden your horizon’s so that’s what I did’ But Photography’ a buddy of mine kept telling me. and I thought yeah but it’s not as easy as it looks’ and no a days with camera’s becoming more and more simple to use and the technology of the phone world’ almost anybody now can become a Photographer’ but the true test of Photographer is Manual Mode’ because in this very setting’ lighting changes and the scene that looked so vibrant to you doesn’t quite come out the way you saw when shooting in auto focus now does it…. Truth is’ It takes years to learn your camera and even then’ it takes even longer to master the setting’s when your trying to create a scene. Well Fortunately for you! That’s where I come in, before I picked up my Camera I read and watched dozens of tutorials on how to operate and maintain my camera but even then I knew I wasn’t ready.


Photography Is Like Poetry Once You Start Your In Love  - - Myron Edwards

Photography Is Like Poetry Once You Start Your In Love

– Myron Edwards


My Name is Myron Edwards, a Lover of Arts and Portraiture – and nothing to me feels greater than the love I have when I get behind my Camera and work my magic’ because everyday is a new challenge and new stepping stone….


Much love,

M Edwards