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I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis river Park. Eventually Moving To Texas With My Parents in The Late 70s. Where They Eventually Moved To Coleman, Texas, My Artistic Style is influenced by my love of having a great southern tradition. I’m a longtime admirer of the Black-lake-falls-in-the-rocky-mountain-national-park, so earth tones with pops of green and blue are always my default. I started this blog in 2016 while working as a Kitchen Aide at Holiday Hill Nursing CN. Now, I run the blog part-time while still working as a Kitchen Aide and Travel To Other Counties When I have time to, absorbing The great Texas Style as I do.

Photos in this site courtesy of Myself (Myron Edwards)






Myron Edwards

As a professional blogger & photographer, I pursue fashion trends from GQ Magazine To Men’s Journal, feel to send candy or tip. 🙂


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